Sometimes it is helpful to separate things that are absolute truth and things that are relative truth.

In absolute truth nothing can be spoken.

In absolute truth nothing can be done.

It is in relative truth

that we say and do all things.

It is in relative truth

that we all try to improve our lives.

We want to improve this life because we are here for a long time and we need to learn how to be wise in order to have a good life here.

Sometimes we act from absolute truth. Sometimes we are so much into the absolute side of things that we lose awareness that we have a physical form and that we have life here. Sometimes we act or talk only from the relative world and we don’t even have the faintest idea there could be something else. Sometimes we act from the middle.

The absolute is very important.

And the relative is also very important.

Both these things come together in the middle

and marry each other.

This marriage is the state of beingness.

In some of the most magnificent practices, the name they give for an ultimate state, beyond even samahdi and nirvana, is the state of beingness.

The state of beingness is an acknowledgement that all things that are perceived within us, no matter how they are perceived, whether it’s by our hearts or our brains or by something within us that we can’t speak about, are all things that are naturally accepted by our whole essenceand we are in love with That that made us feel all these things.

We must not tie ourselves to only one road in these things.

We’ve got to widen our perspective.

There is more than one freeway in Southern California. What would be the fun if we just decided to go up and down the Harbor Freeway every day? Every day up and down that particular freeway because somebody told us that this is the only way that exists to go from downtown LA to San Pedro. So this becomes our world. We go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth on the same road because we’ve been told that if we get off the freeway or take some other street we are going to get lost or we are going to disappear.

If we are a little bit wise or curious or alive, we will trust somebody or trust something inside of us that tells us to go on the 405 Freeway. So we try that and we start to see that this other way is different but it gets us there too. And we widen our perspective.

And the same thing goes for our lives. We’ve got to break the rigid patterns of life. I’m not suggesting that all of a sudden we start doing everything totally differently. Then nobody around us would be able to stand us. We’ve got to use some common sense. Just by breaking the patterns of how we perceive ourselves to be, we can drive on many freeways.

By breaking the patterns of what we think we can do,

we can do things we never imagined.

What we are is much more than what it seems.

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