My eternal gratitude to all the beings that have come to my life,
attended my talks and shared this joyous journey with me.

I love you so much.


For 18 years Yudhishtara has come before us
to tell us the truth, to share his wisdom with us,
and to embrace us with his compassion.

He has reminded us
of our essential unity with the Beloved
and asked us to examine our minds
to see how we function as human beings.

He has shown us how to redirect our attention
away from harmful or draining thoughts
and has consistently urged us to create for ourselves
the joy, peace and fullness of life we all long for.

Over the years he has said it all, given his all.
And he has asked nothing from us
other than that we ponder what he has said
and use it to make our lives happier.

He has been (and is)
the kind of impeccable warrior-teacher
one rarely … if ever … finds in this world.

The best way to contact him
is to make use of what he has said.
Some of his most recent talks
(given after the book was published)
will be offered here under NEW TALKS.


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