Don’t Be Fooled

There is no teaching for the absolute side of things.

We need not go to different places trying to find somebody to teach us about That which cannot be spoken of. They don’t know. And as for a teacher that tries to teach us about the absolute truth, I can’t think of any worse disservice that can be done by one being to anotherespecially when they charge us for it.

The Absolute has to be left alone.

It has to be left alone

but it is also our foundation!

It is like a beautiful, majestic tree that is very, very tall. The tree is resting there. We see all the branches. We see all the leaves. We see all the fruit. But underneath the earth there is a huge structure that is holding this thing up. The tree of our lives is being held up by That that we cannot speak about. We have to give credit to That.

We have to give the Beloved credit.

We can’t just walk around day after day and only do things of the body and say that nothing else is there. That’s what I want to leave you with.

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be doing these things, but I hope you listen to this part. Don’t be gullible.

Don’t be tricked into thinking

that somebody can enlighten you,

or that somebody can do these things for you.

They don’t know. They don’t know.

That’s why I love my teacher Poonj-ji so much. He was the first person to tell me that. As wise as he was about life here (and he was one of the wisest beings one could ever hope to meet on this side of things) he told me he didn’t know what this other side was. The absolute was a mystery. But it is still there.

Even though he did not know, he did not say it didn’t exist. Even though we don’t know does not mean it is not there. We just don’t know about it. So we have to appreciate That which we don’t know.

And That that we don’t know

is a beautiful, awesome Mystery.

And then on this relative side, we have all the days that we’ve been given here on this most beautiful earth of ours. We start seeing how beautiful the earth is, and what a magnificent set of circumstances must exist here on the earth for us to have life.

Maybe some of us have studied physics. We should look at some of these things to see the conditions that have to exist on the earth in order for us to be here. When we look at that, we end up being speechless. The slightest variations in gravity would not permit us to be here. Slight variations in the amount of light or water and we could not be here. If any of these things that exist were only slightly different we could not be here! There are many books on this subject. All these things that we are finding out show that all of this is not an accident. It is not a haphazard situation.

The more the cosmologists and the physicists and the astronomers are looking at these different things, the wisest of all of them eventually say, in the privacy of their own company, that they don’t know. With all their knowing, they don’t know about the initial sparkor the spark that created that sparkand on and on and on. That is still a Mystery.

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