Extreme Love

We have love. And then we have extreme love. Maybe we should get involved more with extreme love than just love. When extreme love happens, life is much more beautiful.

But it’s dangerous to be in a place of extreme love. When we don’t have any love at all, that’s easy. If we have love, then we have more considerations. But when we have extreme love, we are totally exposed with no weapons in our defense. If we have no defense, what happens?

So, extreme love

is reserved for the Beloved.

Maybe once in a while it can spill over into relationshipsinto love for other beings or entities or things that exist. But extreme love is love for the Beloved. It is unconditional. It doesn’t ask for anything. And it is always there.

With that kind of love,

we can stand all kinds of things

that may not appear to our liking.

If we were to visit places that are not as civilized as we think we are here, we would see that people are not so reserved and they don’t try to protect their self image so much. They act in ways that indicate they know they are truly, truly in love. They are not afraid to show it.

But if we did things like that here, people would look at us strangely. They would wonder what happened to us. They would think that we shouldn’t be walking down the street in that condition; maybe we should be put away some place. So we become reserved.

Many times we don’t have the outward signs of these things because we have adapted to our society. However, not showing it outwardly doesn’t mean we can’t have the same joy inside our own hearts. We don’t have to be walking around singing, jumping up and down, or sitting someplace in isolation.

Extreme love of the Beloved flows ever more readily when we look around and really see what the Beloved has created for uswhen we see what we are and what gifts we have been given!

When we stop to see the gifts of existence

and what all this is about,

we can’t help being so much in love.

Maybe once in a while we forget. Once in a while we’re caught up in daily life and all the activities we have that are so importantand they are important. But underneath all that, there is an awe that exists in us.

Extreme love carries with it a wondrous awe of how anything could exist and of how we could even be. Existence seems so magnificent. The more we look at it, the more spectacular it becomes.

And we immediately start to see

that nothing can compare

with the fact of existence.

So that’s extreme love. We have all kinds of extreme sports. People ride 100 ft. waves out in the ocean and jump off buildings, sometimes with no parachutes. We have all kinds of extreme things that we do. But to be extremely in love is something that goes beyond riding 100 ft. waves.

Maybe we should get more involved

with extreme love.


Oh, my Beloved,

the only thing I want

is to be one with you.

Yet this form you have pulled

from yourself as individual

does not hold oneness well.

So while I am in this body,

if I cannot be one,

let me be love.

Until I can be one

with all my human heart,

with all my human soul

let me love you.

Let me love you every where,

in every thing,

in every one.

Oh, my Beloved …


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