The Next Adventure

While we are alive, we must be alive. Then when the time comes that we step into this concept of death, we can say to ourselves, “I have lived a life.” Also, if we have any unfinished business before that time comes, we should finish it.

This is why it’s a good idea to look at our lives and say, “I have six months left in this life.” We hope we have a lot more time, but we can live in six months increments. People talk about living now. It’s very hard to live now. There are plans to be made. But six months is a good timeor a year, or some period of time like that.

Then if this moment to leave here were to come, the question would be how much unfinished business would I have? How many regrets do I have? How tight am I?

In six months we can loosen a lot. We can take care of some things that are importantthings that preoccupy us. And in this six months we can try to live with more compassion and more love. Then, when we’re ready to go, we’re ready to go!

This is the final part about leaving and what happens when we go. Recently I have been given the gift of better perceiving what happens when we go. I don’t know how this has come, but it is very clear to me that when we go it is not the end.

When the time comes that we are in this place called death,

we will continue to exist in ways that we cannot perceive now.

What is given up here is basically this body. What is given up are the memories of what this body has created. But what is gained is a freedom that is not to be hampered by the constraints of a body.

We are free to explore and to do the things

that this energy and this consciousness can do.

When we’re open, we start to see that it is not necessary nor is it important, that this energy and consciousness follow the same principles or the same ideas and concepts that it does while it occupies a form here.

If we are not afraid of change,

we will see that some of the changes that these energy fields can do

are quite different, quite spectacular, and quite amazing.

These changes are to be looked at in a good way. This is the adventure. This is why it is important to open up our fields of energy and to be ready for this adventure that is awaiting us.


Oh, my Beloved,

Sometimes I wonder where you are

when the beauty I see in the world becomes so commonplace

that the thrill of seeing you dims with the familiarity.

For a while I grieve the loss of the thrilluntil,

in the emptiness, I begin to notice

that my heart is smiling still

ever so quietly within.

And my sadness seems a trifle phony

like an old routine that has lost its vitality

because my heart is smiling still

ever so quietly within.

Oh, there you are, my Beloved.

Have I told you lately that I love you?


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