Being in love with our Beloved,

with That that we cannot speak about,

does not require any knowledge.

It requires love.

To love god, to love what we are, to love everything around us. What knowledge do we need in order to love!

The only time we need knowledge to love is when we expect something in return from somebody that we are loving. We need knowledge if we are keeping score as to how much we have loved and how much they have loved and who is ahead of whom. But to love That that can not be spoken about, what tools do we need besides love?

It doesn’t matter what the parameters are. It doesn’t matter how we describe That which we love. That’s why it doesn’t matter what things we believe in. We become very open minded about these things.

It doesn’t matter what the names are that we use.

It doesn’t matter!

All that matters is that we have decided to start loving That that made us, That that is part of us. Eventually we love That so much we can’t differentiate it from ourselves.

Some people have told me it is very difficult for them to love something that they can’t describe. They say, “It’s very difficult for me to love something that I can’t put my finger on or that has no parameters.” The answer to that isbuild a parameter! Make That fit whatever it is that you wish it to fitand love it.

As time passes, the more we love this thing that we have put the parameters around, we will naturally be extending those parameters. It will start becoming bigger and bigger and wider and wider until the time comes when we can’t call it any name any more. We won’t be able to describe it physically any more. It is still the same thingand a different thing. This is like peeling a gigantic onion where we keep taking off all these layerslayer, by layer, by layer. Eventually we notice that the layers are unending. This is what happens. And we surrender to this situation.

This is also how we start to get a tremendous patience for the way that other beings feel about things, how other beings believe, and how they are. We don’t become a spiritual dictator about things. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We find that it doesn’t matter what other beings believe. It doesn’t matter how they feel about these things. We all have our own agendas and paths to follow.

If we really LOVE,

we are not going to force anybody

to believe the way we do.

Even what I’m saying right now must not be forced on anybody.

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