It’s just as easy

to put some good positive thoughts in our minds

as it is to put ugly ones there.

It’s just as easy to be thankful about things

as it is to be complaining

and wishing that things would be different.

The more that we complain and the more that we think that, if things were different, somehow our lives would be better, the bigger the mistake we make. It’s a huge mistake!

One of the reasons why it’s such a big mistake is that we take the arrogant approach that somehow or another we know what is best for us all the time. We seem to think that if something bad is happening it’s going to be bad forever and if something good is happening it truly is beneficial.

The reality is that

we won’t know until later

if something that appeared bad is good

or if something that seemed good is bad.

We know these things only in retrospect.

Many, many times the things that look as if they are the end of the world are the kind of things that push us in a totally different directionto feel something different, to experience something different, to do something different that we’ve never done before. And then we feel alive!

Sometimes it takes a great shock in order for us to snap out of our routine and out of a life that is the same day after day. We have to take many, many steps to assure that every day is not the same as yesterday.

Do not make tomorrow to be exactly the same as today

or yesterday or the day before that.

Life isn’t meant to be boring.

Why is that important? Because it lets us taste life in so many different ways! We get to feel different things. Then when the time comes that we are faced with the change of not being here in this physical form, we are not going to be afraid because we’ve already done many changes. We’ve already experienced many changes. So it is important to learn to welcome changes.

Change is a sign of life.

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