Enlightenment Simplified

Part II
A Visit with Yudhishtara

May we be blest with the understanding
that we are one with our Beloved.

Thank you for being here.


Enlightenment is very simple and very natural. It is not something that is mysterious and elevated and beyond the grasp of any of us.

You are enlightened when the brain which has said “I am not enlightened” now says with true honesty, “It doesn’t appear as if I am different than the Beloved, so what’s my problem?”

The brain has to have that conversation with itself. It has to honestly say to itself, “Why am I so preoccupied? How can I be different from my Beloved if my Beloved has created me out of Itself? So why am I taking all these positions of right and wrong and positive and negative. Why don’t I just rest in this space with the Beloved?

And if you rest in this space,
you become peaceful.
If you rest in this space
you know that the Beloved is within you
and the Beloved is working with you
and through you.

And this Beloved
is a most benevolent force.

It’s only when we forget this or take it for granted and believe that we are some separate entity that all these concepts of evil and pain and sorrow come into the picture. All these things are things that human beings fabricate when they think that they are separate from the Beloved. That’s what evil is. That’s what all the trouble is. Evil is not of the Beloved. Evil is when our brains decide that we are separate. Evil is when we live backwardsin the illusion of being separate from the Beloved.

You may say that all of us on this earth look different and therefore we have to be separate. It’s true that each and every one of us here is different. That is one of the beauties of this whole thingthat we are all different. We have different personalities and different desires, attitudes, concerns, and things that we like and don’t like. But underneath all these personalities and the ways that we look and act, there can only be the essence of the Beloved. It can’t be anything else.

For such a long time it was confusing to me when I would hear statements saying that we are all one. I would look around and there would be a lot of beings that I didn’t want to be one with. So what do I do with that? Well, I have the right not to be close to or involved with beings whose personalities I do not want to be with. Their egos, all the perceptions and ideas of their brains, and the way they want to act and behave may not be harmonious or healthy for me. It’s an appropriate distinction. But underneath those things, at the essence level of what we are, I know that we are the same.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you. What I’ve just finished saying is very important. Honestly! You should ponder once again that there is no difference between you and the Beloved. You should ponder it. And you should celebrate it. It makes a big difference.

And if you are looking for “enlightenment,” that awareness of yourself as one with the Beloved, whether you know with your intellect, believe it with your faith, feel it with your emotions, or sense it with your intuitive knowing is enlightenment. And that knowing will reflect in how you experience your life. And you will have confidence and peace in your heart. That’s what enlightenment is.

The Beloved decided to create the form that we occupy and it inhabits this form. Once we know that, once we accept that, it is the ultimate security blanket that we can have for our lives here. With that, whatever problems we may have that make us think that this life is not worth being in gets put in a different perspective because we know, for whatever reason, we are feeling and experiencing and going through the desires of That that has created us.

So once again I ask you to wake up in the morning and make the first thing you bring into your mind be, “Thank you, my Beloved, for another day. Thank you for the gift of my having another day.” Then remind yourself, “My Beloved lives in me and I live in my Beloved.”

Then in the evening when you are ready to fall asleep may you again say, “Thank you, my Beloved, for my day. I rest in you. I love you.”

So do this. And then we will talk again.

You are in my heart.


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