Exploring the Rays

There’s a lot of wisdom in many traditions. There are also places in them that take away a lot of our strength, particularly if we want to be independent and powerful and fend for ourselves. They can make us very weak. And that is something to consider.

When I was studying all these different practices, I fell in love with all of them. It was really quite something. When I was doing them, I would really do them. I would delve into them. I would be with them. I would live that practice as much as I could. Then I couldn’t stay there anymore.

We have to see that everybody is different. We all go through different times in our lives with different ideas and concepts that we want to explore. Look at meI explore these things. Why would I say that someone else doesn’t have the right to explore the same things? This is life.

Each of us has to explore

whatever we want to explore.

Nobody has the right

to tell somebody else not to explore.

Christianity is a good subject to explore. When we look at the Christian religion and all the different variations of Christianity, there are many different ways of interpreting what Christ had to say. When we look at all the different possibilities within Christianity, some of them are so opposed to each other that it makes one wonder why they call themselves Christians.

And the same thing goes when we study Buddhism. When we start looking at Buddhism very carefully, it has just as many sects and as many different traditions as Christianity. Again many times these are totally opposed in certain beliefs. Or we can look at the Hindus. There are more variations in Hinduism than one can imagine. The Jewish traditions vary all the way from complete orthodox traditions to very, very loose interpretations. Then we have all the pagan religions which existed before organized religions. We have all the religions of no-religion where nothing existsnothing. That’s why everything is so complex. But as I’ve said before, the Mystery is a mystery.

The Mystery

is a mystery.

The Mystery

is not something

that we know.

The Mystery

is not something

that anyone knows.

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