Falling in Love

Falling in love with Consciousness, God, the Beloved, or the Mystery of all of this is what spiritual wholeness is about. Everything else is just a side trip.

Falling in love with the Beloved,

remembering the Beloved during the day,

making friends with your Beloved,

trusting your Beloved

is all there is.

It may seem to be a difficult thing to make friends with the Beloved, especially when things are not going very well in our lives. When we face a lot of adversity or when things are not going right, we may say to ourselves that if the Beloved was truly our friend these things would not be happening this way. So at the very time that we need the Beloved the most, we seem to turn away. But this is a mistake.

Even though it may seem like it is work in the beginning,

it is very important to set aside some time every day

to fall in love with That that we can’t speak about.

It is important to pay some attention to falling in love with That that made usto fall in love with That that loves us, to fall in love with That that has created all these magnificent things that we are privileged to be part of, and to spend a little bit of time to appreciate and be grateful for all the gifts that we have.

By doing that we change our mentality.

We actually change our brains’ chemistry.

And thus, we change the way we experience.

We change our way of looking at things. Instead of looking at all the things that we don’t have, we start to look a little bit at some of the things that we do have. And we all have a lot of giftsmore than we can ever imagine!

It’s not easy to be in this room with me or to be reading these pages. Being here means that something within you is so much in love with That that you can’t speak about, or you are longing so much to be with That that you can’t talk about, that it makes you come hereit’s not because of me. That that you love makes you come here. It seeks the company of other beings that are in love with the same thingand you come.

Poonja-ji used to say that you can count on your fingers the people who are really in love with the Beloved. So even if you think that you don’t have anything else, you’ve still been given the greatest giftto be interested in finding and discovering and spending time with your Beloved.

With this gift you can face everything!

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