Getting Over the Past

We have to recognize within ourselves that we have to become truly loving. We hope we don’t have too many ulterior motives in loving and we come from a good place. And we do the best that we can.

Then we can walk with our heads high. Never mind if there’s another life or not another life, we know that we have done the best that we can. And this is intentthe intent to be loving, the intent to be kind, the intent to be forgiving, the intent to be compassionateespecially to us.

Most importantly, we’ve got to learn to be that way to ourselves. It isn’t arrogant or selfish to spend the time and effort to be kind to ourselves. It is necessary! We look at our actions and say, “What I did was so horrible that I can’t speak about it.” But don’t we deserve some forgiveness for ourselves? We tend to treat ourselves worse than the worst enemy that we can imagine. We tend to pick on things, often the most insignificant things, in our lives and keep rehearsing them over and over again and never cut them.

We have to break the habits

that run our lives and make us tight.

It is much more effective to break them than to lessen them. If we break one component of a habit, the habit is gone. If we try to lessen it, it doesn’t lessen. We can break it by breaking just a part of the habit. It is most important to make a break with the importance we give to our personal history.

We must make a break with negative personal history.

We all have negative personal history. We all have events that we remember that we don’t consider to be good things in our livesthings that we think we caused or things that we think were done to us. Either way, we keep these things of the past ever present in our mindsand they are ruling our lives.

We could have been frightened when we were small about some particular thing. We could have been molested. We could have been treated in horrible ways or have treated others in horrible ways. And we keep bringing these notions up over and over and over again. We don’t let them go. We don’t take the time to see and relive those events with eyes of more wisdom.

I’ve said this many times before but it’s got to be said once again. Suppose something terrible has happened when we were 6-7-8-9 years old. Now we’re 35-40-50-60 years old. We have to spend the time to look at this event that happened when we were 6 years old and say, “I’m looking at this event now and I’m 60 years old. Am I seeing something in this event now that is different from what I saw through the eyes of a 6 year old?” If we are honest, I guarantee we will.

Then we can say, “I’m putting this behind me. It is finished because I am looking at this with more wisdom now. I am not reliving this event with the eyes of 6 year old for my whole life.” This is what recapitulation is. These things have to be done to clear this lifeand bring peace to ourselves.

We have all heard stories about the time when people are ready to die and they have visions of lights and tunnels and other things that appear to them at that particular time. Many of these things are the final recapitulations of all major events in life. The brain remembers all the things that have been done and summarizes them in the end. The whole life gets recapitulated in the end and that’s how our essence gets ready for what awaits in the Mystery.

One of the things that we can to do is to recapitulate our lives while we are still alive. When we do this while we’re still alive, then when, the time comes that we are leaving, our energy field is even wider. So there are many advantages to recapitulating our lives now.

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