I Know What It’s Like

I have tasted so many things. Because of that, I can share with you what I have learned and what I have unlearned.

I hope you may contemplate what I have said. It will save you much time and many heartaches.

I am not saying any of this because I’m imagining it. I have tasted these things and I am asking you to not waste this precious life. Find That that is always therein you!


Our True nature is an




This Mystery …

Is beyond the ability of the human brain

to analyze

to comprehend

to dissect

to figure out

to …

This Mystery …

is not knowable

It transcends knowing

This Mystery …


It simply Is

You are this Mystery

You are this Truth

You are this Peace

You are this Beauty

You are this Love

Stop searching …

There is no one out there that “knows something”

that you don’t already know in your Heart

Look within your own Heart

Be Quiet

Throw away all becoming,

all ideations, all notions, all concepts

Simply Be Quiet

Be Still


Surrender to the Source

Surrender to Awareness

Surrender to the Beloved

Fall in Love with this compassionate mystery


Silence will have you

The Beloved will embrace you

Thank you for coming to satsang.

Thank you for reading these pages.

I love you so, so, so much.

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