In Awe

So we have a mystery. The word mystery means that we have no answers. We have no definitions. This is what mystery isno answers, no definitions.

But at the same time, using the senses we have been given we can look at all kinds of different perceptions that we receive. When we look at them carefully, each and every one is awesomely mysterious. It is so mysterious that, in fact, one can tremble with that mystery.

When we are really in that mystery we can actually tremble. It can pervade us with the greatest fear. Fear prepares us for battleand for knowledge. We could be in such awe that we can even lose consciousness when we look at the mystery.

From the smallest to the largest things that we can perceive, it is such an incredible thing. Just to call it mystery is insulting it. But I just don’t know what other words to say.

We owe it to ourselves some time or another to look at some thingjust using the sense of our eyesight to look at something in great detail, to focus in on it. I guarantee that you will be awed by whatever you happen to be looking at. You will be amazed at how beautiful it is and awed by how it could even come into being.

Look at insects, look at flowers, look at the carpet that is in front of us. When you look at this carpet, each one of those threads is a whole universe of things. You will see the smallest little microscopic life that has adjusted to live in this carpet which is its universe. Each little ripple in the carpet represents another terrain of existence.

Then we look at the realm of our existence. To be living in this place where physicists say we have either eleven or twelve dimensionswhat does that mean to us? What kinds of travels can we have? So in satsang we have to prepare ourselves for the travels. We have to prepare ourselves for the excitement of travel and adventure.

But when we are tight, where are we going to go? I don’t know. We won’t go very far if we don’t want to open up to all the things that exist.

So the mystery is to be respected.

Part of this life is to observe and fall in love with this mystery. Fall in love with different things.

Being in awe of this mystery is essential

if we want to have a full life here.

When we’re in awe of this mystery of what we are, when we’re in awe of the mystery of our existence, when we’re in awe of the mystery of That that created all these things but which we cannot conceive of, something unexplainable also happens to us.

When we are in awe of this mystery,

somehow or another

we get to see more of this mystery.

We don’t get to see the whole mystery because, obviously, we can’t. But we start to see more.

When we start to see more of this mystery,

then life does become different.

We start to appreciate life much more.

We start to appreciate all the ups and downs of life. We start to appreciate that if we were creating life, we would not change a thing even though it appears temporarily that many changes should be made. We would see that That which has made us really knew what it was doing. Even though we complain as to why we have a hurricane here or why we have something happening to us, when we start to see from a broader perspective, we see things differentlyand we begin to appreciate from a very deep place within ourselves.

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