In Everything

The proof of the Beloved is so abundant.

It is all around uscontinuallyin everything!

How can I miss it and get caught up in all these distractions when I can simply look at my body and see what a magnificent machine this is. It’s right here in front of me!

Look at all the things that our bodies can dohow our arms work and move, the magnificent way the lens of our eye functions, all the things that have to be going on in our brain in order for us to do anythingall of this!

We see our physical form. We see all the plants and the animals and the earth. We see how alive the earth is and how the earth takes care of us, feeds us and is part of what we are.

We look up in the sky and see the stars and planets and galaxies. We see the immense size of all these things. We begin to grasp the possibility that besides our own universe there may be many, many other universesinto infinity.

We look into the small scale of things under a microscope and see the most magnificent things that are alive. Even though we can’t see them with our naked eyes, they are thereand they are alive and flourishing.

All these things are around us and we don’t stop to say, “Hey, look at this!” What we say is, “I’m not happy with my life. I’m not pleased about this. I’m not pleased about that. This is not right.”

We don’t stop to say, “Look!

I’ve been given the gift to be alive

and to see and be a part of these things!”

When we say that, we can’t help being grateful to be here. It is a natural response to be thankful to That that made all of this possible.

Being thankful

is sometimes all it takes.

I’m saying these things because I want to save you a lot of time. I just don’t want you to waste this precious birth on all kinds of things that are beside the point.

You can do all these practices and paths as hobbies, as interestsno problem. But don’t do them because somehow or another you are going to get some kind of reward that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t do them. You have to know why you are doing these things.

But making friends with your Beloved

is one thing that

is well worth the effort.

Making the effort to become friends with your Beloved, with God, with Consciousness, with this Mysteryand to trust in Thatis well worth the effort. Then you will see that no matter what happens in this life, no matter if you are having so-called good fortune or if you are having what appears to be bad fortune, you will always have your Beloved within you.

No matter what happens,

you always have your Beloved

within you.

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