Into the Unknown

Life here is very short.

It goes by very, very quickly.

We cannot waste it.

So what does this mean? It means that we must not postpone for too long what it is that we want to do today. It’s all right to postpone some thingsbut not too much. If we postpone too much, as time passes we end up in regret.

We end up regretting all the things

we feel we should have done

that we didn’t do.

But many times we become trapped in a particular position or a particular place because we are afraid. We are afraid of making some kind of a change or of taking control of our lives where the outcome might be a lot worse than what we are dealing with now.

It takes a lot of strength and bravery

to face the situation

and basically jump into the unknown.

We have to be warriors to do that. We can’t be cowards. We’ve got to be strong because it’s much, much easier to put up with an existing situation than to take the plunge.

The unknown is very, very difficult for many of us simply because it is unknown. We’d rather have the known, no matter how bad it is. But there comes a time when we develop enough strength. We develop enough foresight. We develop enough trust in our hearts and in our whole essence, to see and to actually understand that the unknown is not such a bad place.

The unknown may be the greatest adventure.

Dear Beloved,

I love you so much.

I rest in you.

Please let me see,

Let me smell,

let me touch,

let me feel.

Let my heart open.

Let me love.

Let me rest

in the mystery that you are

and make me the way

that you wish me to be.

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