A Word from your
Transcriber and Compiler

This book is not meant to be read in a linear fashion, page after page after page. It’s meant to be tapped into in random, free choice, orderpreferably in small bites. (That may be a tall order in an on line presentation!) Nevertheless, there is no sequential learning herebut there are opportunities for expansion. Each little chapterette stands alone, and offers something to consider and be with for a while. Certain themes will be repeated because they are essentialand, as is the nature of free discourse, they may be re-visited often or approached from slightly different angles. So start anywhere. Go anywhere. There are no rules.

These chapterettes have been taken from a selection of the numerous, spontaneous talks (satsangs) that this remarkable man has given over many years. Although it is impossible for me to capture the first-hand experience of Yudhishtara in satsang, I hope that in transcribing his words, I may have been able to convey at least some of the intensity, integrity, compassion and wisdom that is so evident when this teacher speaks.

Since we also learn from each other, on occasion I have included some italicized comments and questions from individuals in the audience along with Yudhishtara’s response. So often someone else’s question or comment will shed light on our own experiences.

I couldn’t resist a few sprinklings of the prayers Yudhishtara has offered as they reflect so much the nature of our humanity and the simple direct dialog all of us can have with the Mystery he calls the Beloved. In the same vein, I offer some poetic reflections of how the things Yudhishtara has taught (and modeled) have flowed through my life.

Finally, I have to say that sitting with these words through the hours of transcription and compilation has profoundly transformed my life. So it is with a sense of deep gratitude that I now turn these pages over to you.


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