One of the things with Poonja-ji’s teachings that people have misinterpreted is that he said so many times that there is nothing to do.

There were many years when I used to say there is nothing to do here. I would not expand into anything else because there is nothing to do. And truly there is nothing to do when we are referring to the absolute.

But this energy that we are is occupying a form here now. And the question is how do we have a life here that appears to be somewhat productive, somewhat useful, somewhat loving, somewhat satisfying? How do we have some kind of a life here while it appears that we are having a life?

Many people who embrace Ramana Maharshi’s and Poonja-ji’s teachings have taken it to the point that, since there is nothing to do, therefore let it ALL be nothing to do. And I have noticed first hand that most of them are very, very unhappy and most of them live very miserable lives. So what was a gift of ultimate understanding of our essential nature has been misused by mistakenly applying it to our physical nature. What we have to do here is to appreciate both sides.

It’s a balance of both the relative and the absolute.

We are balancing depending upon our inclinations, depending upon our interests, depending upon everything that makes us to be somewhat different from everybody else in this room. So everybody will have a different balance point. By the way, the whole intent was for us to be different!

It’s good to be different from everybody else in this room, contrary to the ideas that we are all one and the same. Yes, we are all one, but we also are all different! And we come together here where we can be loving and kind and still respect the differences we have within us, knowing that each and every energy field in this room is slightly different.

We have many journeys

in this unspeakableness that we are

and what I am discussing is

preparation for these journeys.


What freedom!

To live life’s paradoxes

not with explanations

but with wonder

and gratitude.


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