Moving On

In the future I may be talking more about recapitulating life, about deconstructing the ego, moving assemblage points, increasing energy fields, and as always, being more loving, kind and compassionate.

I won’t spend as much time with inquiry as I have in the past, even though it’s important. I have covered that for many years. For a long time I’ve debated about sharing some of the things I’m saying now, but until we get to that ultimate mystery, it’s good to know some of these things that now I know.

It is good for us not to be afraid when we feel and see and experience what is generally considered in our society as unusual or not quite normal. We do not need to worry about it so much. We limit ourselves so much when we don’t allow ourselves to see and experience anything that our society considers unusual or beyond normal.

If we have a vision of something that is not so-called normal, then it’s a gift. We need not fear that we’re going to be put into the psychiatric ward of the corner hospital because we saw something that is not considered possible. It is the closed, tight beings that want to protect their narrowness who right off the bat will automatically say that this is not possible. But that doesn’t take away from the way that things really areand the way things are allows for many incomprehensible things to happen.

The more receptive that we become to unlimited possibilities, the more we start to see and feel things that are even more incredible. At the same time we need the wisdom to be able to keep quiet under certain circumstances. So we have to be wise to keep quiet at the right moment. We need to have some practical wisdom.


The story of my past, my personal history,

is like the empty shell of a used cocoon

whose function is finished.

For an important but ultimately tiny moment

it held a shape for me

while growth occurred.

But neither the form that entered

nor the life that has emerged

bear any resemblance to that hollow casting.

Why spend another minute

examining the wrinkles and ridges, twists and turns

of such an old and temporary skin

when beautiful wings fan the air

lifting me to a broader reality.


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