No Student, No Teacher

Every time we find ourselves chasing something spiritual, we must remember we are chasing stuff that is mysterious.

It’s a lot of fun to chase stuff. I don’t mean for us not to chase things. We can chase anything that we want, as long as we know we are chasing mysterious things. Then we won’t be fooled by thinking that someday we are going to grab it or by believing somebody who says to us, “I have grabbed it and you haven’t, therefore I am better than you are. I can teach you how to grab it, and you are to give me whatever I ask for teaching you this.”

The people who say that have never grabbed anythingexcept us! So we don’t allow ourselves to be grabbed. We aren’t fooled by fancy words or by people who are wearing different clothes than we are and who have an entourage of followers that keeps kissing their feet and obeying every word that they may say. We aren’t fooled because we know that the absolute is a mystery. It’s not to be known. It is mysteriousperiod.

As we become more and more beautiful, as our hearts open more and more, as we love our Beloved more and more, sometimes we don’t see too clearly. And there are beings around that find us when we are vulnerable and they try to take advantage of us.

So it’s a fine line. We want to be loving. We want to be kind. And at the same time we need to become strong.

We have to be kind and loving

but we also have to be strong.

One of the ways of being strong is to know that there is no difference between us. I keep saying over and over again that I never want anybody to think that somehow or another I have something no one else has. I may be sitting here as a teacher but in that place that we cannot speak about there is no difference between me and anyone else. This is another concept that has to be broken, but many times nothing is said about it.

The greatest gift that I can receive from you,

is for me to know that you don’t need me at all.

This is working myself out of a job. This is what I desire. Obviously, I want to see you and I love youbut not because you need me or you think there is something about me that you don’t have. This is what my teacher tried to do all those years that he was giving satsang. This is the gift that I was given. This is the attitude he fostered. This is why he said so many times that there are no students. There are no teachers. There is no teaching.

What does that mean that there are no students, no teachers, and no teaching.? That could be just empty words going in one ear and out of the other. But just let them sink in for a minute. In the absolute, with infinity, there is no teacher. There is no student. There is no teaching. And that is the truth.

But if somebody wants to be a teacher and somebody wants to be a student, then we have to invent a teaching. To invent the teaching we form concepts. Depending on where we happen to live and in what historical times we happen to live, we can create a teaching that fits that time. We create the teaching. It fits the conditions. People follow the teachingand we become saints. But there are very, very few beings saying that there is no student, there is no teacher, and there is no teaching.

This is a mystery and within this mystery we exist.

Then we are thankful to that which has given us breath and life.

When the time comes that we may not have breath and life the way that we know it now, we feel that our Beloved will always love whatever it has createdand we do not to waste time and effort as to what the next creations might be. Whatever will be, will be in the hands of the Beloved.

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