Not Predetermined

There are many practices and belief systems that make a huge effort to convince us not to be alive while we are alive. Many people follow beliefs that are geared to take a human being like us and pacify us into a state of vegetation. And, when we’ve reached that state, they say we’ve made it!

But what I’m saying is totally opposite. This is why some people don’t like what I say. Life is life. As long as we are somewhat healthy, as long as we more or less have a few things of consequence that are important to us, life is very, very good. Life is very good.

When life gets super, super complex for some particular reason and we feel it is just too much for us to handle, there is always a safety valve that is at our command at any moment we want.

When life gets too complex,

we always have the ultimate solution

of the love of the Beloved.

We can look at that Mystery that has created us and say to ourselves that in spite of this complexity, in spite of the misery that it appears I’m having now, maybe there are some things that I don’t know. Maybe there are some reasons and some non-reasons for these things. I still trust and love my Beloved that made me and gave me this gift.

To me that is the ultimate solution in life when everything becomes too complex. That’s the atomic bomb, the ultimate weapon. And it’s at our total disposal. In my opinion, having that at our disposal automatically makes life a lot less complex when it gets to be unbearable.

In wisdom, each and every one of us has to learn that fine line

between caring too much and being too indifferent.

It’s a fine line. It’s not easy to define that spotand it changes all the time. It changes according to situations, conditions and all kinds of factors. But it’s a very, very fine line between being too involved and not being involved enough. And we have to make decisions!

I have said many times that we have to make decisions.

Since I have said we have to make decisions, obviously you can read between the lines that I don’t believe in anything being predetermined here. Otherwise, what’s the point of making a decision in a predetermined life?

If everything were destined and we are here living a life of destiny, a life of no free will, a life where everything has been planned right down to the last minute, there is no point in being here.

The Beloved has given us free will.

The more we look at these things, the more we will see that we have free will here. We have the ability to do many things. And the more the scientists are discovering about what is happening here, the more they start to see how independent even the smallest of particles are.

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