Paying for the Truth

Absolute truth that cannot be spoken of belongs to no one. There can be no proprietary ownership of absolute truth. No one can give it to someone else because it already is intrinsic within everyone. Period.

Therefore, paying (or donating to) a so-called spiritual teacher for absolute truth is ridiculous. Absolute truth is a mystery.

No one has the right to charge

for something that is priceless

to charge for the Beloved,

to charge for the Mystery,

to charge for That

which is already there.

To enrich one’s pocketbook in the name of the Beloved and at the expense of the open hearts of “students” is supreme misunderstanding and may be outright deceit. No matter how cleverly these so-called spiritual teachers, preachers, or whatever they may be called package their programs, they are just commercial ventures.

These people are very smooth. They talk the talk. They dress the dress. They have their staged helpers. They disguise payments within the beautiful word called “donations.” They have non-profit organizations. But when we look at the ownership of these entities, we find that it is all a subterfuge leading back to their personal accounts.

Their approach is to keep you as slaves. You have to keep coming back again and again to climb a ladder to Absolute Truthand to keep those donations coming in. You have to keep cleaning your mirrors, making yourselves purer, when the truly tarnished mirror is the so-called teacher who is fleecing you.

Why am I saying these things? Someone has to. I care about you and I don’t want you to be misled. So be alert.


for the Absolute, there are

no students,

no teachers,

no teachings.

Absolute truth IS

and it is a MYSTERY.

You are that MYSTERY.

You do not need advice on improvement from beings occupying tight, compact, and self-serving energy fields.

When you feel compassionate, when you can afford to share your blessings, please give. But give directly to someone that needs help. You don’t need any intermediaries for this. You are the best judge of these things for yourself.

“Here it is all Free

because we are not commercial.

The diamond I speak of cannot be sold,

but you can have it in an instant.”


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