Reality Check

It’s taken me many years to be able to honestly say what I’m going to say now. I have done more things and have forgotten more things than I even care to remember. What I’m going to say now is the kind of a thing that I wish somebody had told me when I was young. How much time I would have saved! But at the same time, maybe it was best that I did it on my own. So, for whatever its worth, here it is:

In terms of the Absolute

there is nothing to worry about.

In absolute terms, I know from what I have felt and I have seen, that there is nothing to be concerned about. Period.

If there is something to worry about,

it is what to do to have a good life here.

That is where all conversations eventually end up.

That being the case, I had better figure out what kind of work I like. Whom do I want to spend my time with? What are some of the things that are meaningful? If I have to apologize to someone, I’d better do it soon. If I have to tell somebody I love him, I’d better do it today instead of tomorrow. If I want to sing some songs, I better sing them now instead of later. If I want to do some other thing that I’ve never done before, like jumping off a mountain with a parachute, I’d better do it nowbecause I don’t want to have my time here pass and be down to the last two minutes when obviously I don’t have enough time to go buy a parachute!

We are alive and we do things. We can make love. We can sing. We can cry. We can have every kind of emotion. We can have and experience all that has been given us.

When we act and behave this way, we have to understand and be prepared that we are going to make many so-called mistakes simply because we are doing things! We are going to do many things that we may think are mistakes.

So we find they were mistakesassuming that we could tell the difference between what is a mistake and what is not a mistake. What are we going to do now? Are we going to shoot ourselves because we think we made fifty mistakes? But what is it that we have we have really done? We have livedwhich is just what we are meant to do here.

And with a little wisdom

we can live and have a beautiful life here.

Dear Beloved,

Help me to be kind.

Help me to be loving.

Help me to forgive.

Help me to live.

I love you so much.

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