Satsang 2009 With Yudhishtara

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Night Satsang

All Wednesday night Satsang is scheduled for

the Bodhi Tree Bookstore.

8585 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

7:30PM to 9:30PM

Future Satang Dates

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"The Beloved Mystery Within You"

An excerpt from the free online book.


"When we can accept that what we are is beyond name and form,

when we can accept that what we are is isness itself,

then we can see that no matter what is happening,

the essence of what we are cannot possibly be affected by these things of name and form.

Only the mind can be affected.

Only the body can be affected.

But our essence cannot be affected.

This understanding,

is what is known as enlightenment."

Yudhishtara Presents Satsang

Poonja-ji, an enlightened master from India, gives satsang via his beloved son Yudhishtara.

Satsang is a gathering of like minded people who are interested in discussing Spiritual Truth. Yudhishtara conducts satsang on a monthly basis, in which an open invitation to the community has been given to come participate and be a guest of Yudhishtara, free of charge. Satsang is a historical term from the continent of India, but satsang conducted by Yudhishtara is a gathering anyone seeking answers to Spiritual questions or is on the Path of Enlightenment will feel very comfortable.

Yudhishtara is my teacher and it is with great love, respect and adoration that I have been given the honor of presenting him to visitors of this website. Yudhishtara was born in Greece, emigrated to the United States and lives today in California. He is a former executive of a major company and knows what it is like to earn a living in the United States. He is well versed in the American life style and has an inate understanding of our problems and issues. He is devoted to his teacher Poonja-ji, whom he loved and loves, and it is because of a promise that Yudhishtara made to Poonja-ji, which was to conduct satsang in America, that Yudhishtara conducts satsang every month at no cost to the public.

Yudhishtara made his promise to Poonja-ji while Poonja-ji was still living in his corporal body. Yudhishtara honors Poonja-ji and his students by continuing the tradition of conducting satsang. Yudhishtara rents the room at the Bohodi, but never has charged anyone to attend satsang. Yudhishtara pays for the Bhodi Tree rental from his own pocket and is pretty intense about not charging for satsang, making sure that everyone understands that no one pays for satsang. Yudhishtara believes that this is one way that he is able to say to satsang participants that there are no ulterior motives for conducting satsang. He is fulfilling a promise to his beloved Poonja-ji.

Satsang means the Truth. The purpose of satsang is for there to be questions and answers about the Truth. Yudhishtara will answer any and all questions on any subject matter, as there is no syllabus or curriculum or practice. I am not even sure that Yudhishtara would consider himself a teacher, although I refer to him outside of satsang as my Teacher. He is my spiritual Teacher. I say that Yudhishtara may or may not consider himself a teacher, because almost by definition a teacher prepares lessons, a teacher gives students exercises to perform and Yudhishtara has been adamant that he has no exercises to teach, no lessons to give and no rules to follow.

This is worth repeating: Yudhishtara has been adamant that he has no exercises to teach, no lessons to give and no rules to follow. What then does Yudhishtara do? He conducts satsang. There are probably many different reasons that people come to satsang, but I have never really spoken to the other participants on why they come. I can only share my reason and I will do so.

I wanted the experience that many people call Enlightenment. I came to satsang with the expectation that Yudhishtara would give me a program to become enlightened. I attended satsang off and on over a period of many years and during that period of time I read many books and practiced many exercises. I took the 10 day retreat to study vipassana (Yudhishtara took it also before he met Poonja-ji); I read books by the Sufi masters, I practiced So-Ham and did a variety of Yoga breathing exercises. I did some of these exercises before meeting Yudhishtara and some while attending satsang. One time before satsang I had a very interesting experience. During satsang I asked Yudhishtara about my experience. He said: The observer of the mantra, is the creator of the mantra, it is who you are and then he said, Stop doing the exercise. Now it will only be a game.

If you attend satsang with Yudhishtara, at some time in satsang you will hear him mention the word, My Beloved. Sometimes he says My Beloved Poonja-ji. Sometimes it is just My Beloved. I have always interpreted the term My Beloved as Who we really are. That to experience Enlightenment is to really meet your Beloved. This leads us to my final satsang story.

I wanted an exercise, but Yudhishtara told us time and again he had no exercises to give. Finally, after 4 years that I had been attending and probably an additional 3 years before my first satsang, Yudhishtara relented. He had one exercise that he would share, but he said that it wasnt necessary to do. He was only sharing it because many had asked.

Get comfortable and sit quietly. When you are ready, ask the Beloved to reveal itself to you. I promise that in no more than 2 or 3 months you will meet your Beloved.

October 28, 2007: Satsang during the month of October 2007 was a very enlightened evening of insight and love.

June 16, 2007: I have had the pleasure of attending Satsang with Yudhishtara during the past 12 months, and it is a much more fulfilling experience today than it has been in the past. It is not that Yudhishtara's message is any different, but that my own experiences are able to understand a little bit more of his insights. It is difficult to imagine that one man can have such an impact on anyone, but it is without a doubt true that my life is much fuller having known him and attended Satsang.

August 1, 2007: I had the pleasure of visiting with Yudhishtara last month. He is such a joy to visit and to be able to seek his counsel. I encourage everyone to attend Satsang and visit with Yudhishtara.

September 19, 2007 Satsang conducted by Yudhistara was a wonderful evening. He spoke about the opportunity of making choices and starting anew; the most interesting and truthful statement may have been that when facing a decision between choosing what you know and the unknown, the unknown is the way to go.

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