In Love With The Beloved

Living the teachings of Yudhishtara
By Shivakti

These poems that Shivakti is offering us
(in “The Beloved Mystery Within You”)
are much more than magnificent expressions.
They are incredible gifts from That, our Beloved,
for us to taste, feel and see with our open hearts.

… Yudhishtara

My writing began spontaneously in the summer of 1999 when I started coming to satsang with Yudhishtara. These simple poems reflect a journey into the profound through the movements of ordinary life. Many people have commented that they have been touched by some of the writings. While the supply lasts, the book is offered as a gift at Yudhistara’s satsangs in Los Angeles. Meanwhile a few of my favorites from Whispering Heart, Quieted Mind are presented here (in “The Beloved Mystery Within you.”)

Sometimes a poem can capture the essence of an idea in a unique way. The poems from The Beloved Mystery Within You are a companion to the truths Yudhishtara talks aboutthis time in the voice of a muse.

… from my Heart,


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