Speaking with Compassion

We always must remember the absolute truth.

The absolute truth is the absolute truth. I also call absolute truth the mysteryperiod. Mystery with a period after it. Not mystery with question marks or commas, not a 99.999999. It’s 100period. This is indescribable. This is what we are. This is the beginning and end of all things, no conversations, no discussions, no comments. Anybody that wants to speak about that particular isness has nothing to say because no one can speak about it. Period!

But once we start talking to people,

once we start seeing life,

then we know that we have to address things

that are not part of the discussion of the absolute

in order to help in this life.

We have to address the fears and ideas that people have. Even though they may say that they rest in the absolute, it isn’t so, unfortunately. It isn’t so not because of any particular detail that we can figure out, it is just something that happensand it’s not a plus or a minus. It’s not a plus or minus because underneath all of this it always comes back to mystery. That is the isness of things.

But we have to see

that we appear to be alive here now

in this strange relative aspect of the mystery.

So if we become loving and kind and compassionate and we see a being that comes to us who is yearning to know more about That that cannot be spoken about, we have a choice about how and what to do in this situation.

We can take the so-called high road and say to this being, “There’s nothing to do. Look inside yourself. Find out exactly who you are. Good luck. Good bye.” Once in a while this would be enough.

But most of the time we have to look at the history of people and see that they may need more. They need something more so that they can start falling in love with That. And then we get involved with words. It’s a fine line. We can do much to guide somebody to a particular place but eventually they have to go there on their own.

I’m now at a stage of my life where I’m convinced that sometimes it is cruel to look at somebody and refuse to see what might be the best thing to do at that particular time to treat the situation. Sometimes some of us snap out comments and things that have very, very deleterious effects upon all of us. Even though our comments may be well-intentioned, we have to be conscientious of the impact of our words.

Many times I have noticed that it seems as if what is being said is, “Look at me. I have been able to answer this question as to who I am. I’m perfectly satisfied with who I am and who I am not. So why can’t you do it? Go over there in the corner and come back and tell me when the time comes that you know you are the breath between two breaths.”

And the person goes to the corner and spends years and years looking to see that he is the breath between two breaths. And he says, “No, I’m still breathing so I can’t be in between breathing.” In that case we have taken somebody that was, in fact, very beautiful and we’ve put them in a place where they cannot accomplish what they think that we have accomplished. So it’s a very, very fine line that we walk!

Or someone makes comments like “Stop thinking. What you are is a thought between thoughts” And the person say, “But I’m having thoughts and I’m thinking and I can’t stop these thoughts. Even the inquiry as to who I am is a thought process.” So huge problems can arise.

I know that I have created many of those problems myself when basically I was speaking of things that were comfortable for me because I had felt them. But, in fact, they were not the way that things had to be even though they were comfortable for me.

When we behave from the place which we recognize as our heart, then we’ve done our work. But when we do it because we have an ulterior motive of trying to convince somebody one way or the other, we are not coming from our heart. Then we have a problemand so do those listening to us.


Love makes me laugh.

Love makes me cry.

Love breaks my heart.

Love lets me fly.

Blessed be

the nature of love.



Sometimes in my growing knowing it feels as if

I have lost connection with everything outside of me

as if I have lost my Beloved in the jacaranda trees

and my compassion for others has grown distant

It feels as if I have lost god and good and all my altruistic ideals

upon which I relied as my foundation.

It feels as if I have lost all I held dear

and in a sense I have.

But when my tears have stopped, this still remains:

that even with everything gone, still I am;

that all aloneby myself, still I love.

And it is the being-that-loves

who unfailingly transforms the edges

of my perceptions

and allows me to see again

with renewed wonder

the splendor of my Beloved

in the jacaranda trees.


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