Spiritual Slavery

It would be nice to be a pawn in the game of life because then we wouldn’t have to do anything here. We would have no responsibilities. Everything would be done for us. But there also would be no hope that we could have the power to make any changes.

What kind of a life is that? If you were the Beloved, would you design us to be so robotic in nature that everything we do would be based on your exact instructions for each and every one of us at every moment? If you were the Beloved, wouldn’t you look at this creation and be absolutely bored with it? What would you have you done? But to give the spark of life … and to give consciousness … and then say, “Godofeel!” Then if you are witnessing all these things, you could say, “How interesting! I love all the ramifications of this creation.” This is why the Beloved loves us. How can the Beloved not love each and every one of us no matter what we may or may not be doing. After all, we are part of the consciousness that is the Beloved Itself.

But we’ve been taught that only if we do this and do that, will we be loved. If we don’t do this and that, then we are not loved. And all of that is just nonsense! These are ideas that we have to rebel against.

We talk about being free and being enlightened. The result of words like that is to finally say, “I’ve had enough of all this propaganda that tells me I’m insignificant and just something obscure and of no importance.”

Then a voice from our social conditioning comes up and says, “How dare you make those kinds of statements. Those kinds of statements are arrogant.” Yes, they are arrogant but they are also humble and necessary. They are arrogant statements but they are not an obnoxious arrogance because they are the truth. They are also humble statements because they acknowledge the greater mystery of the Beloved Itself.

Or we can have the opposite approach that we are, in fact, nothing more than slaves. Sowe choose! Which will it be for us?

To be a slave is very easy. Even going back to the unfortunate days in our history when we had slaves in the South, when the time came that the slaves were freed, many of them didn’t want to be free. We wonder, why wouldn’t they want to be free? Well, maybe it’s because one can get accustomed to being a slave. We can get accustomed to others providing for us. Even though they may be treating us badly, they are providing for us. They are taking care of us. But, if we are free, we have to fend for ourselves. We have to think for ourselves. We have to be independent. We have to be strong. There are all kinds of consequences that arise from freedom.

There is little difference from this in the spiritual adventures that we have. To be a slave means that we follow a particular dogma, a particular teaching, a particular tradition. We follow it to its exact wordsand we are a slave to that!

But when the only thing that we hold in our hearts

is that we are consciousness,

that we are energy,

that we are the Beloved in one of Its forms

then there is nothing to follow.

But in some respects this frightens us. It makes us afraid of the possibilities. That kind of fear is a beautiful fear where we tremble with the prospects of what awaits. And that kind of fear is a very welcome fear. We need not be afraid of that kind of fear, nor need we be afraid of changes. What awaits can be an exciting, magnificent adventure.

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