The Lie

In our society we don’t want to face death.

But acknowledging death forces us to acknowledge life.

When we think that we are immortal and death does not apply to us in a physical way, then we take life for granted. This is why we say that death is the best adviser for life. Death shows us that for now we appear to be alive. And if we’re alive, then we better be alive!

So the concept of death is very, very important. It actually provides us with one of the biggest lessons that we can have in this life because by looking at death we can look at life.

Life is a most precious gift.

Yet there are many teachings that belittle life. They want us to learn how to negate life. It’s amazing how many religions are based on diminishing life with all kind of threatening instructions. They teach that we have to be so-called pure; therefore we must not do this and we must not do that. We are told that to be pure we have to mutilate the form that the Beloved has given us or learn ways to stop its natural functioning. There are many behaviors we have to learn to follow certain paths.

Because many of us are interested in being the best that we can be, we believe this information. It sounds reasonable because it is presented to us by saints and by holy beings. We are given information that says that the worse we treat this physical form, the more pain we subject it to, the more restrictions we give it, the more happiness we deny ourselves, the better life will be for us from that point into forever. So we say to ourselves, “I guess I’m better off to sacrifice in this life and then benefit forever.” When we look at it that way, it doesn’t seem so badexcept it’s not true! It’s an absolute lie.

The Beloved gave us a form, a body,

with its ability to perceive certain energy fields

through its many senses.

To say that this gift is not good

and is something we don’t want

is an insult to the Beloved.

I’ve read so many books and I’ve heard so many people say that to be in a human form is a punishment; that we’ve reincarnated and it’s a punishment to be here; that, if we were great and beautiful beings, we would not be in this form, we would be something else. But what we have been given here is not a punishment.

This form, this life, is not a punishment.

When we are thinking that we are having bad day, a bad month, a bad year, or a bad life, it may appear that we are being punished. When those ideas and feelings come up, we have to put an end to them very quickly because they are a waste of our life and our energy.

Just to have the ability

to discern and to think and to feel


is, in fact, an incredible gift.

One of the tricks that I’ve spoken of is giving up defining what kind of a day we are having. If we just give up defining every day as good or bad it will make a big difference. We are having a dayperiod. And we owe it to ourselves not to classify it.

What’s so important about having to make a decision that this was a good day or a bad day? Why do we keep doing that? Why can’t I just say I’m having a day? If it appears to be a miserable day, that’s just the attitude that I have chosen.

We have complete control

of the kind of day we want to paint with our attitude.

We are not pawns in the games of life.

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