The truth is very, very simple.

It is so simple and so beautiful that we think this could not possibly be so, and we try to make it complicated.

When we try to make it complicated,

we lose the essence of what the truth is.

It is the nature of our minds to want to make things complicated. We’ve been told that easy things are not as beautiful as complex things. We’ve been told that we always have to strive for things. We’ve been told that we have to accomplish things and that we have to acquire certain things. We have been told that we have to do a lot of work in order to be able to understand complex things.

And we have been told that this same thing goes for all the things that pertain to the Spirit. We have come to believe that we have to understand something very complicated, or be something very complicated, or do something very complicated in order to know what the truth is. And so we are always on some type of a search, some type of path.

We are always trying to accomplish something. We are always looking for something that is beyond us. This something is something we can never quite reach, something that we believe is for someone else but not for us because we’re not worthy. We haven’t done enough. We’re not pure enoughand on and on and on.

Our minds keeps bringing up obstacles, different things that we have to do or accomplish in order for us to attain some stage of purityor some state where we can believe ourselves worthy of calling ourselves enlightened or awakened or free. And somehow or another we always fall short.

We always say that it couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be. We think that it is arrogant for people to think or believe that they are not in bondage or that they are enlightened. How arrogant is that! But it is arrogant, it is silly, and it is false to say that we are not free.

We are all free.

We are all enlightened.

We are all beautiful.

We are all part of That

which we can’t define with words.

We are all part of Consciousness.

We are all part of that

magnificent Mystery.

And the problem is that somehow or another we forget it.

Dear Beloved,

Help us to see the truth.

Help us to be the truth

May we always love you.

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