Ultimate Relationship

People come to see me for various reasons. Some come for spiritual reasons. Many people come because of some particular thing that is affecting their lives: a divorce, a death in the family, loss of work, jobs, identity, or some psychological situation that has to be dealt with. Other people have been going to see spiritual teachers their whole lives, and they’ve been getting the wrong message. Now they want to be with somebody who will finally tell them what the truth is.

There seems to come a time in our lives when we have the desire to finally put all these things behind us. Something happens. Something inside of us, some kind of voice arisesmaybe we call it intuition, maybe we call it grace, maybe we call it the Self. This tiny little voice whispering to us says, “Just stop and listen to me for a moment. Stop all this nonsense that you’ve been involved in for all these years.”

All it takes is just to be quiet for a fraction of a second

and to listen to this voice inside of us that is telling us

that what we are is more than we thought.

If we listen to that little voice, it becomes a little louder next time and a little louder the time after that. Then we start falling in love with this little voice and this voice falls in love with us. As we keep growing, this friendship grows.

Without any exercises or formulas,

we just naturally start falling in love

with that part inside of us that is a Mystery.

And we know that this is who we are. We may ignore it, but we know that’s who we are even when we get caught up in all these games. So we become more alert to this voice. This is what is known as being vigilant.

If you want to make it an exercise, which it is not, we can make it a vigilant exercise of reminding ourselves who we are. Eventually we don’t even need any reminding because this knowing has taken over and then we’re always resting in that indescribableness.

It’s just like when we fall in love with another person. We fall in love with somebody and we want to be with them. We want to see them. We can hardly wait for the time to come when we will see our lover. We’re wondering what they are doing. We talk to them on the phone. We can hardly wait until we see each other. We can’t be apart. And it’s the same type of relationship with the Selfbut it’s a thousand fold more intense. It’s a million times stronger to be in love with who we are and to be loved by who we areas opposed to being in love with another form that comes and goes.

Being in love with That that we are

is not a selfish love or an arrogant love.

That love is the most magnificent of all loves.

It’s a relationship that builds upon itself,

that guides us, that loves us, that protects us.

Once we open ourselves up, we may see many things happen that we call strange. But they are not so strange! We may need or desire something, and it comes to usand we wonder how that happened. Or we are about to cross the street and we don’t see that a car is coming but something tells us to stand back. How do we explain these things?

The mind wants explanationsbut forget the mind. The mind is good for telling us when to get up, what kind of work we’re going to do, what we’re going to eat, how we’re going to dress, and all these different things. But when it comes to our essence, we need to give our minds a rest.

Take your brain off the job. Give it a break and it will thank you very much. You will be amazed at how many more things you can do on a daily basis when you remove such a big load from your mind. You will be amazed at the peace and fulfillment that can come from giving your mind this rest.

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