We Are That

THAT that we cannot talk about

we cannot talk about.

THAT that we are

and that we cannot explain

cannot be discussed.

THAT that we are

that has no beginning and no end

cannot be classified.

We say things like “THAT that has no beginning and end” because we don’t even know what to say! We try to search for something to say, but it is beyond the ability of language to express or define. However, it gives me pleasure to try to search for something to say about That that I can’t say anything about.

We have THAT.

We are THAT.

THAT is perfect.

There is no exercise for THAT.

There is no path for THAT.

There is nothing to follow in THAT.

In THAT there is no difference between any of us. In THAT there are no followers, no leaders, no knowledge, no lack of knowledge. In THAT we are totally identicalwhich is why we hear things like “it’s all one.”

So we have THAT whole category

which is a most magnificent mystery!

For me, I am very, very comfortable with this whole category. I have stopped. I do not need any definitions for this. I am perfectly happy to call it a mysterya mystery of love. It makes me feel good.

I don’t need anything else in this place.


My teacher said he loves the Mystery

and the Mystery loves him. Period!

Something inside of me thrills to this certainty.

Something in me is light and free and joyous

with this simplicity.

Indeed, I love the Mystery,

and the Mystery loves meperiod. That is all I need.

I love and I am loved.

This is the base in which I rest,

the substratum that supports me,

the prevailing belief-attitude I chose to hold.

This is the truth of meno further explanation needed.

And now what I do with my days, hours, and minutes

is whatever I want to do because I know that:

I love the Mystery

and the Mystery loves me.



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