When It Hurts

We enter a form that we call human

and with that form we have inherited

certain characteristics and qualities.

We have the ability to think. We have the ability to decide things. We can see things. We can touch things. We can smell things. We can question things. We have emotions. We have feelings. We have desires. We have plans. We have all these things.

In addition to all these things we have something inside of us that creates these things. Something that is looking at all these things. Something that is yearning for our brain to see that this very something is also part of us at the same time.

To be comfortable being a human means

that we are comfortable with our nature

and at the same time we are comfortable

resting in the unknown that creates us.

When we go through this daily life of ours, when we go through our stories, when we go through all these different things, if we allow ourselves to have just a tiny glimpse of our Beloved in our own heart, we will be reminded that everything is all right and that nothing can affect our true nature.

It doesn’t mean that we are not going to hurt

if some perceived thing comes our way

that we judge to be negative.

We will hurt. This is the design of our form. Our form was designed to feel. Our form is designed to feel so-called good and bad things. Whether we think we are one with our maker or not doesn’t matter, we are still designed to feel things.

But when we rest in the beauty of the essence that creates this form, things appear very different. This does not minimize these things; it’s just that they appear different. And that is how we can have beautiful days even though they may be filled with ugly events.

When we rest with our Beloved we see more clearly

that all these things that we take so seriously

are only part of our form and not of our totality.

That’s the difference! We realize that we are not only our ideas and our thoughts. We are not only our feelings. We are some other things as well. Realizing that is the only way we can be in meditation continually.

Once we rest in our Beloved, every thing that comes our way, still comes our way. But we don’t have as much need anymore to be judging if this is good or if this is bad. We observe things. We see things. They come. They go. We try to hold some of them. We try to avoid some of them. We want to play with some of them. Maybe they do or maybe they don’t want to play with us. We do all these things. And we knowwe know that they are not our totality.

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