Wider, Wondrous, More

We see with our eyes,

and we can see with the energy we have within us

which is a different vision than seeing just with the eyes.

The eyes are designed to see in one way. And what we are is able to see in a different way. We limit ourselves by thinking that what we are is only what we see and feel with our physical eyes and our senses. But once we say to ourselves that what we are is something more than that, then we start to see much broader aspects of existence.

When we start to see things,

not with our eyes but with our energy,

we must not dismiss what we see.

This is how warriors have used some of the Toltec teachings to become a seer. To be a seer is to be able to see without our eyes. We see that underneath our physical appearances we are, in fact, pure energy and consciousness. One of the things that we have to give up is thinking about ourselves as being solid. We are not solid.

I recommend going to a library and looking at some pictures of physical things that are magnified. We owe it to ourselves to see how things really are beyond what we see with our naked eyes. There is more space between little dots of matter than there are little dots. There is more space.

When we know that, in fact, we are not solid,

then we start to see that we are

magnificent energetic fields of consciousness

that live in this body.

That changes everything! When we start to see that it’s not the body that is creating us but that it is energy and consciousness that is creating a form, the fear of disappearing fades away! If we are really honest with ourselves and we do some introspection, we will see that even though the subject of death is not a very pleasant thing, it is underneath many of the problems that we have here. So we are in training here to become fearless over the idea and concept that we come to an end.

Although many things about us are going to come to an end,

many other things are going to be different

and, in fact, they are going to be more magnificent.

In this life many aspects of things come to an end and other aspects come forth.

Some of the greatest misery that I’ve seen

is when people don’t want things to change.

It seems many people never want anything to change and, when the smallest thing changes, it’s always negative to them. But in truth change is not always negative. We do the process of change a great disservice. Changes are inevitable. We would be wise to understand and accept this. Then we will be able to prepare ourselves for changes where we can.

Very briefly what this means for us now is that while we occupy a physical form, the energy that is occupying this physical form can become very, very tight and compressed because of the training that we give it.

We have been taught to be very opinionated. We have been taught that things are either right or wrong. And somewhere within ourselves we agree with that. Then we are not open to the idea that maybe things could be neutral. We tend to see only that these things are either right or they are wrong. We think that this is the only way of looking at things. We say to ourselves, “My life is to run in only one particular direction and I will not allow any experience that is different. My friends are all going to be the same type of friends. My work is going to be only one thing.” And on and on.

Then we become a tight, defending, limited energy. We determine that our ego or personality is never to be insulted or violated or made fun of by anybody and we will give our lives to defend the idea of who we think we are. We create hard and fast boundaries between countries and ideas and concepts and languages. And it makes us tight, and limited. We think we are free but we have built a cage for ourselves.

When we spend our life taking this magnificent energy and compressing it down to a tight, tiny spot, then this magnificent energy gets ugly. When it gets like that, we can’t be very loving. How can we be loving if we are coming from a place that is totally guarded? What kind of love can we give to somebody who is guarding something else as tightly on the other side as we are on this side? Then everyone is guarding and hiding and fighting and arguing and proving things. And as time passes all that we are is this tight energy.

Then when the time comes that we are so-called dead, this energy stays tight just like my fist and it is very, very difficult for it to start opening up to see all the other energies that are there and the new things that are possible. I’ve seen tight energies like this and I, personally, don’t want to be part of these kinds of energy fields.

So this is life. It’s not a complicated thing. It may sound complicated, but it isn’t because intent is even more important than actions.

Intent carries incredible power.

Intent! What is the intent of something? We all make mistakes. If our intent is to be loving and it turns out that we did something that didn’t look like it was loving, it could be that our action wasn’t interpreted right and maybe we weren’t successful. But if our intent was loving, that’s what counts. It’s our intent that will naturally motivate us to alter our behavior if that is what we need to do. If our true intent is to be loving, to do the best that we can, to be kind, to be forgiving, especially to ourselves, that will guide us.

So it’s a two-pronged situation here. First, we have to have the desire, the intent, to be loving and kind, forgiving, and to be more open. We couple that with the effort, the actions, that go along with our intent. And the second part is that we’ve got to come to a decision of whether we think that we are an energy field, a consciousness, occupying a form or whether we are a form that has generated consciousness. It’s one or the other.

I hope that someday

you decide truly in your own hearts

that what you are

is a magnificent consciousness,

a part of the Beloved,

that is occupying this form.

That being the case,

you are indestructible

and you are beyond wordsperiod!

Then if there’s any work to be done in this life, it is to take this consciousness, this energy that has been given to you, and to open it very wide. Open it very wide and do not allow it to get tight.

The idea is to slowly and gradually open up these energy fields so that when the time comes that we leave here, this energy field is very, very wide and it gets embraced by the overall energy that is there. And magnificent things continue from there.

I have seen beautiful open energy fields. They come together and create combinations that are awesome beyond all imaginationbeyond normal comprehension! By uniting, these fields can manifest and do much more than individual singular wide fields. These combined fields are not restricted or hampered by conventional rules or laws of movement, behavior, or existence.

We get glimpses of these combined energy fields, these fantastic beings, when we are open and receptive. But it’s just a glimpse. We don’t need to chase this. All we have to do is to open a little and not be so automatically rejecting. At critical times these fields, if we are open, are present to assist in any way possible. Under some conditions, combined fields also unite and are absorbed by the Ultimate FieldConsciousnessthe Beloved. And the Mystery continues.

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